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Jane Mark introduces Viral Ads Depot 
Important notice for internet marketers, list builders, and home-based business owners who are struggling to reach people and make sales...
We help you get a traffic explosion so you can boost your sign-ups, leads, and sales by providing an army of people to promote your websites for you.
Join Viral-Ads Depot today, and we'll get to work and promote your websites for you instantly. Get your traffic and sales explosion today then you can...
  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Plan for that much-needed vacation.
  • Put money aside for your kid's graduation.
  • Take your spouse on a shopping spree?
  • Drive your date to a fancy restaurant?
Tony says...
"Jane and Phil have done it again.

Each site is better than the last. I love Viral-Ads Depot. They promote your websites for you. This site is the best in viral advertising."


Tony Mathews
World Traffic Services
We promote for you!
Collect 100,000 free advertising credits
(value $500.00 ) when you signup today!
Now you are probably thinking...
"Why would these people want to advertise my websites for me. That doesn't make sense?"

Well, that's simple.
  • These people are getting their sites promoted by our members too. It's called reciprocity, or you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

  • The ad on the top of the ad-block belongs to them. It occupies the prime position, and their text ads rotate on other users promotional links.

  • They want multiple ways to make money.
You see there is a problem marketers need to overcome in order to be successful.
Typically when you advertise your website, affiliate link, capture page, or any website one of two things will happen.
1. The prospect will like what they see; they will close the ad-block and join or purchase your product or service.
2. The prospect may have seen the offer before, or they don't like something about it, and they are gone forever.
Viral-Ads Depot gives your prospect a different choice by displaying rotating ad blocks.
But that's just the start...
Since your text ads are rotating on other users ad blocks, hundreds or even thousands of them, you now have multiple chances to get people to act on your offers. To signup or buy your product or services. It's like having an army of affiliates helping you reach people who may never have seen your message before.
You get...
  • More exposure for your offers.
  • More leads for your services.
  • More signups for your lists.
  • More sales for your products.
You can advertise...
  • Any website URL.
  • Unlimited websites.
  • Blogs, membership sites, affiliate sites, e-commerce and more.
Carl says...
"Every time I think Jane and Phil can’t come up with something unique from their other sites, I’m always surprised.

Viral-Ads Depot or what I like to call "We Promote for you" fills the bill for the 97% of people in this business who cannot recruit.

Even if you register as a free member, once you set up your text ads, they will start rotating on the Ad Profits page.

A better deal is for your sponsor to promote your text ads along with their own. This feature is more powerful than you can imagine, in getting signups to your favorite sites. I love this site."


Carl Goodnight
We promote for you!
Collect 100,000 free advertising credits
(value $500.00 ) when you signup today!
The PROVEN power of ad-blocks.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that's is what makes ad-blocks so powerful. They stand out on the page. Ad-blocks grab your prospects attention by showing them an image at the top of the ad-block and 3 of the 4 ad-blocks have a sales message below them.
You can choose the ad-block style you want to place on your promo links. The ad-block will appear on your VAD affiliate links if you choose to add them there, and on the unique promotional links, we generate for your offers.
These proven ad-blocks slide up from the bottom left-hand side of the page so you notice them, and they can be closed by the prospect or visitor at any time.
And a neat part is; each ad-block contains your VAD affiliate link, so you have another way to earn money.
Actual size 400x400
Actual size 500x410
Actual size 250x600
Actual size 300x450
Our unique promo links and ad-blocks are mind-numbingly simple to set up.
  • You add some image ads.
  • You add some text ads.
  • You select the ad-block you want to use.
  • You give your ad-block a custom name.
That's it. You're done!
We create a custom link for you.

This unique link displays the website you chose with the ad-block you selected. The genius of this system is you can easily add any ad-block to any link you want to promote.

Marie Foulex
Video Ads Creator
Marie says...
Once again, it is a high-class product that Jane and Phil offer us with this advertising platform Viral-Ads Depot, which exudes professionalism.

That's why I'm excited to ride with them in this beautiful vehicle, for the best success.


We promote for you!
Collect 100,000 free advertising credits
(value $500.00 ) when you signup today!
The traffic explosion.
So now you want to get traffic to your blogs, websites, or affiliate websites. Here's how you do it.
This system works best when everyone promotes their websites. That means you need to enter your image ads and text ads, so they begin to rotate throughout the network.
Even if you are a free member and you never upgrade and use VAD to promote your websites to get extra sales, you will get some traffic from the ad rotations on our Ad Profits page, but if you want a sales explosion upgrading makes a lot of sense.
Now if that's all Viral-Ads Depot was, it would be well worth the prices we charge for our memberships.
But wait, there's more...
We also give you access to two powerful mailers.
  • A Solo-Ad Mailer with 1500+ paid members which means you start out with a group of people who are not afraid to spend money on your offers. We grow this list for you.

  • A downline or team mailer that we build for you, 3 levels deep. That's right, your downline helps you build your list.
And there's still more.
At the CEO/FOUNDER (bigshot) level...
  • You will have the ability to make all ads on the ad block your own ads, or...

  • You can rotate your team members text ads. Helping them advertise is a beneficial recruiting incentive to get them to join under you. You say to them upgrade under me and I will promote for you.
We promote for you!
Collect 100,000 free advertising credits
(value $500.00 ) when you signup today!
So now you want to know where the money is, right?
Our referral program is totally crazy!
Our primary goal is to stuff money in your pocket fast and to do that we pay healthy commissions up to 40% on all your new paid direct sales. When you make money, we make money.
But it gets better than that. We also give you rewarding bonus commissions that make things super exciting.
For every five paid clients you bring into Viral-Ads Depot within a calendar week you will receive an additional onetime bonus of 10%, on top of your regular commissions.
You could earn between $10.00 and $248.50 in bonuses on top of your regular commissions. Bring in 10 sales in a week and you'll receive between $20.00 and $497.00. 
And finally, you can earn recurring commissions as well.
There are many more ways to earn with VAD.
  • You can earn income when you advertise the sites you own, and people like and buy what you are selling.

  • You can earn income from sales you make through the image ad at the top of the ad-block.

  • You can earn income when other users promote their sites, and your text ads rotate on their ad-blocks.

  • You can earn income when people buy from your ads that rotate on the Ad Profits page.

  • And you can earn income when you add your affiliate ID's in our cash funnel and others join these programs and upgrade under you.
What are you waiting for? Start earning today.
We promote for you!
Collect 100,000 free advertising credits
(value $500.00 ) when you signup today!