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Earn CASH while you sleep!

To succeed online you must spread your offers all over the web on high traffic sites. At Viral-Ads Depot (VAD) you can do this easily and effectively with minimal effort. We do 90% of the heavy promoting for you.

We advertise for all members of VAD

Viral-Ads Depot is the Web's Fastest Growing, Fully Automated, Viral Advertising Program!

  • Powerful online contact mailer

  • Reach all paid members.

  • Viral text ads

  • Viral banner ads

  • High visibility

  • Active & passive income

This unique advertising program attracts people to your website like an industrial strength magnet.

You can be in business for yourself selling ad space on our fast growing network, in less than 5 minutes, and we'll pay YOU to advertise VAD.

As a regular member, you get $10.00 commission every time a prospect signs up under you.

As a platinum member you get 40% commission every time one of your signups upgrades to platinum. If they signup as a regular member, you get $10.00 commission.

Everyone earns at VAD.

Plus there are even more ways to earn...

  • You can earn cash through sales of your products and services listed in your text ad.

  • You can earn cash through the programs on the right. Your affiliate id will appear in the links. You add these in your members area.

Membership Types...

Pro Members...

  • You get a permanent lifetime text ad that stays in the top position on your affiliate page.

  • You get to choose your ad rotations when you signup to increase your ad visibility. An advert with a 10:1 ad view rotation will appear 10 times more often in rotation in positions 2, 3 or 4 than an advert with a 1:1 ad view rotation.

  • You can enter your programs ID's for some of the highest paying sites on the web. You can build your downlines and income in the programs effortlessly.

  • You earn commission on every signup. We pay you to advertise. No freebies here. These are all serious marketers viewing your ads.

  • We advertise for all members. Your VAD affiliate site will be added to the company rotator and you will have the owners actively promoting for you.

Platinum members...

  • You get a permanent lifetime text ad that stays in the top position on your affiliate page.

  • Your ad automatically displays at a 250:1 or 500:1 ad rotation (depending on the membership level you choose). This means your ad will appear 250 or 500 times more often than pro members ads.

  • You can enter your programs ID's for some of the highest paying sites on the web.

  • Every time a pro member signs up you earn a $10.00 commission.

  • Every time a platinum member signs up under you, you earn a $20.00 fast start bonus plus 40% commission.

  • We pay you to advertise and we advertise for all platinum members.

  • Online Contact Mailer - Only platinum members can mail to the VAD Paid members database.

  • You can send your offers every 3 days to the entire members database.

  • Anytime you can send your offers to an all paid member list, you know you are on to a gold-mine.

Discover why hundreds of top marketers, opportunity seekers and home-based business people are joining this powerful advertising program every week.

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You get 4 times the action with VAD.

appears permanently in the top left hand corner of your Viral-Ads Depot affiliate page so you can earn instant cash profits when people buy through your link!

Plus, your text ad is displayed randomly in positions 2, 3 and 4 on thousands of other advertisers websites. It's just like having an army of sales people making money for you.

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Thanks Jane and Phil for Another Great List Building mailing program to build and help my Simple Profit Setup Team! To email ALL/ONLY paid members is HUGE! As You say... "You can never have enough people to email Your business"...especially a list of ALL/ONLY Paid members. Anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing needs to add this new Viral Ad (VAD) List Building program!

The only way to Join VAD is as a Lifetime Pro member! Do likewise with FAD, TAD, Crocads, Build Referrals and ALL Your Lifetime Pro membership List Building programs and EVERYONE has the opportunity to not only increase their income; but to build highly responsive synergistic optin lists with the additional ability to build multiple programs in the members area of each.

Tom Haley

Everytime Jane & Phil come out with a site, I get excited about what great things they come up with to help us to promote our businesses. Well, when I heard the makings of VAD, it it put a BIG smile on my face.Some people haven't realized the power of the platinum membership...


There is NOTHING bigger than that. It's a one time investment that is surte to pay you back HUGE... unless you don't USE IT! Thanks for an awesome idea & site!

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

Earn CASH while you sleep!

Here's how you signup.

Step1 - Choose your ad rotations. Next you will see the one time offer which is the platinum membership.

If you want to mail to the database be sure to choose the one time offer.

If you choose YES,
simply pay for your platinum membership and you will be sent direct to the signup form.

If you choose no thanks, you will be sent to a page to continue your regular membership signup.

After you have paid you will be sent to the signup form where you will enter your details and your text ad.

We highly recommend you use a gmail address when you signup so you receive your validation and welcome emails. You can get a gmail account here

Signup now...

Select your ad rotations now

Important - Watch for the One-Time-Offer - Only platinum Lifetime members can email their offers to the entire members database every 3 days!


Top Marketers Secret Advertising Weapon...

Free Advertising for Life...

Reach Interested Prospects Fast!

Target your audience and increase sales.

Blast your profits through the roof...

Targeted List Building

Money - Traffic - Profits...

Awesome List Builder...

Awesome List Builder

Track - Cloak - Build Lists...

Make $2,000 to $5,000 in extra income every month.

Automated system does 99% of the work for you.

Signup - upgrade - work a little - earn money!

You could be making extra income every month.

Build a truly global business network.

Want a free text ad? Want a website that generates cash every day? Want a website where you can advertise your own programs? Want to earn 30% commission every time you signup a website owner?

Millions of people are already using Social Networking Sites to promote their Internet Businesses. Few have an actual income generator as Powerful as WowzzaPower. Join Now and get 10,000 free Croc-Ads credits.

Email up to 10,000 random members every 3 days. Now that's really Kule! We are letting you use our contact lists for Your promotions. No one else lets you do this anywhere online! What are you waiting for? Start your mailing promotions now!

Recession Proof Product. Aesome PayPlan

Don't get Even - Get MAD! Stop flushing your hard-earned cash down the drain! Send your offers to members contact addresses today and dramatically increase your online profits! The most sought after mailing system on the web.

Get your website noticed with visually powerful, Hi-IMPACT Ads, that grab your readers attention, draw them into your offer, and compel them to whip out their credit cards! Free mailer, Free ads, Hi-impact. We advertise for you!

Awesome new way to earn fast cash. Make sure you upgrade in this one. Only $20.00 for a lifetime membership

You MUST act NOW to Gain Maximum Benefit... Every second you delay means one less member you can send your offers to. Send your offers to EVERYONE who joins after you whether you sign them up or not. The faster you join the more people you reach! It's tha

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Give This FREE Report Away and Make Money. Join as a paid member and get access to the members mailer and place your ID's in the program ID's area and earn passive income from the 7 proven money earners. It's your turn to win!

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