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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many ads do I get when I signup?
A. You get one lifetime targeted text ad with what ever rotation you chose at signup.
Q. How many ads can I have?
A. You can order additional ads in your membership area and you can have as many ads as you wish. All ads are lifetime ads and you only pay one time for them.
Q. Can I edit my Ads?
A. Yes! You can edit your ads anytime.
Q. Can I increase the rotations of any ad?
A. Yes! You can upgrade your rotations at any time through your members area.
Q. Can I email the main members database?
A. Only if you are a platinum lifetime member. You can upgrade at any time through your members area.
Q. I am a platinum lifetime member, how often can I email the main database?
A. You can email the main database every 3 days. This is extremely powerful as all members are paid members.
Q. I am a regular member, can I email my downline?
A. Yes! You can email your downline every 14 days.
Q. Can I get a refund?
A. No! You paid for lifetime advertising and it may take time to get results depending on the strength of your offer, the market demand for your product and service, site navigation and loading speed, website sales copy and a number of other factors beyond our control.

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